Daily Prayer List

Saturday, February 25, 2017 @ 3:10 p.m.

* means New Prayer Request;   ** means UPDATED Prayer Request

Several are still down with the flu, Bronchitis, pneumonia, stomach viruses, etc.  pray for each other for a full recovery.

** Amy Green:   She is being released this afternoon from the Southeast Hospital.  She is to be on oxygen 24/7 for the time being.  Pray for her recovery.

** Larry Brown: He broke his finger at work a while back and had successful surgery last week and will go back for follow up next Monday. He is also having major issues with his sciatic nerve. Pray for his recovery.

*  Leah King:  She has had a lot of problems with muscle aches and the doctor believes that she has PMR (polymlyagia rheumatica) immune muscle disease. He is wanting a second opinion, so he is sending her to a rheumatologist.  She has an appointment next Wednesday (March 1st).

** Kim Pierce: This is a friend of Leah King’s at work. She has started Chemotherapy as they are trying to shrink tumors before doing any surgery. She has a great oncologist who is in contact with Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis. Finally a small glimmer of hope  Keep her in your prayers

**  Caroline Beckham:   She went to the doctor yesterday (Thursday) and it was determined that she has numerous nodules of nickel and dime sizes along her throat, close to her thyroid gland. The doctor has decided not to do a biopsy at this point until it can be determined whether the thyroid is “hot” or not. After further testing on the thyroid, then  a decision will be made regarding whether or not to do the biopsies on the nodules on the throat  and whether the thyroid will need to be removed or treated with medication.

**  David Hunsaker:   This is Joyce Williams brother and about once a week,  The VA hospital in Columbia said they will be doing some experimental stuff on David to see if they can help him do better with his heart. Keep him in your prayers.

*  Jeanie Choate:  (Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center) She is Barbara Jordan’s friend and her kidneys are failing and she also is dealing with dementia.  Barbara said that she is in really bad shape.  Pray for her.

**  Ralph Williams: He had successful left knee replacement surgery and is recuperating.   They are trying to get physical therapy to work with him but so far have been unsuccessful. Pray for continued success.