Daily Prayer List

Thursday, July 2, 2015 @ 11:50 a.m.

              * means this is a new addition; ** means this is an update

*  We offer our condolences to the Tanner Family on their loss.  Mary Tanner passed away and her visitation and funeral is taking place today.  (Thursday).

*  R. J. Riddle:  He went back to the doctor yesterday (Wednesday) in St. Louis and they are changing his medication again to include a pain pill so that he can stop using the Ibuprofen.  It does have a high risk for some though, so pray it will address his pain sufficiently.  They want him to some infusions, but they are $2,500 per infusion and he will need several of them.  He can’t afford them, so is going to hold off as he is a little over a year from being eligible for Medicare and it is covered under that program.  Pray for him as he battles the pain.

*  Cheyanne:  (Requested by Terry Lembke)  This is Terry’s girlfriend’s adopted daughter.  She is 22 years old and has a heart flutter and the doctors think that it could be something more serious.  She is going to see a specialist, but has no insurance.  Pray all goes well.

We offer our condolences the Pina Loafman and her family on the passing of her niece, Betty Peters, who passed away at 12:35 a.m. Tuesday morning at her home.  She had suffered a major heart attack and was under hospice care.  Her Funeral Visitation will take place today (Thursday), in Cedar Hill, MO at Chapel Hill Mortuary.  The funeral will take place on Friday morning @ 10:00 a.m.  Pray for the family.

Glendel Grindstaff:  He is at home under hospice care.  Pray for him and Shelva.

**  Ron King:  He had the kidney stones lodged in his right kidney busted up successfully early Monday morning and is back home.  He still has two small stones that they are watching, but he is slowly getting better.  Pray for him.

*  Nancy Abernathy:  (Requested by Linda Bates)  Nancy’s cancer has returned with spots on her lungs and it is very rare.  Pray for her.

*  Skip Reedle:  (Requested by Cheryl Bates)  This is her brother in law and he is a correction’s officer at the Charleston, MO Prison and he was attacked yesterday suffering numerous rib fractures with bruises and contusions.  Pray for his continued improvement and safety.

*  Gary Beckham:  He has more tumors that have come up under the skin in his neck.  He is on new medicine to treat it.  Pray for him.

**  Joyce Williams:   She went to her doctor for follow up Monday to have the stitches removed following her nose surgery last week.  Continue to pray for a proper healing.

*  Bobby & Janet McCurter:  This is Hester Stone’s daughter and son-in-law and both have been struggling with their health recently.

*  Eric Lopez:  (Requested by Lillian Dock)  He was in an accident and as a result, he lost his eye and has suffered facial damage.  Pray for him.

Angie Lugo:  (Requested by Kim Blake)  This is her sister’s (Rhonda) daughter and she has just been diagnosed with MS.  Earlier, they thought that she might have had an auto immune issue, but tests have concluded that she has MS.  Pray for her.

**  Ricky King:  He is going through rehabilitation following knee replacement surgery so remember him in your prayers.