Daily Prayer List

Saturday, December 3, 2016 @ 11:25 p.m.

* means New Prayer Request;   ** means UPDATED Prayer Request

* Ann Green’s mother:  This Wayne Green’s mother in law and she was taken to the hospital earlier today with a possible heart attack.  Pray for her.

** David Hunsaker:  (Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center). This is Joyce Williams’ brother. He had a heart attack and they think he has blood clots in the stents they had put in earlier this year.  He is still not doing very well and while the doctor has offered a couple of suggest that may help, so far he has not opted to do so.  They are sending him home and will put him on a heart monitor for further evaluation.  Keep him in your prayers. 

* Debbie Lewis:  (Requested by Margaret Tesreau)  She had brain surgery on Wednesday.  Pray for her recovery.

* Marlene Vincent:  (Requested by Allen Tesreau)  She fell in her garage and has hurt her leg badly.  Pray for her recovery.

** Roxanne Carson:  This is Bradley Carson’s wife and she has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and have been accepted into the MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center in Houston, TX.  She has had a chemo treatment and has returned back homeShe is to return every 3 weeks for another treatment.  There was a concern and prayer that it would only be one cancer in the breast and bone rather than two different types.   The results came back this week and it is the same cancer in both areas meaning they can treat them together with the same treatment.  Keep her and her family in your prayers.

Jerry & Helen Owens:  They both saw their doctors and Jerry’s heart is fine but they sending him to a Lung Specialist for further testing.  Helen will not be having surgery but will have a back infusion on December 13th in Cape.  Pray for both of them.

Lee Dubois:  This is Delilah Loafman’s mom and she is taking cancer treatments and some days it’s a struggle.  Pray for her.

Kristine (Loafman) Boardman:  This is Chuck Loafman’s daughter and she is waiting on biopsy results.  Pray for her.

** Delia Johnson:  She has been battling some kind of infection in her mouth, causing white sores on her tongue and gums.  We’ve been back and forth with the doctor since spring and it goes away and then comes back.  I have her scheduled to see the doctor next Tuesday for another round of treatments?  She and Tammy are heading back home today.  Pray for their safe travels back.