Daily Prayer List

Thursday, February 11, 2016 @ 8:40 p.m.

               * means this is a new addition; ** means this is an update

**  Byron Loafman II:  He is back home and  his family is helping him with his ongoing therapy.

*  Barbara Jordan:  She has been extremely sick over the last couple of weeks and also fell and injured her wrist, unable to lift anything.

** Kenny Loafman:  He went back to the doctor on Tuesday and everything checked out good.  He still has some bleeding around the area where the staples were, but just needs to keep it cleaned up.  Pray for him and his family.

* Kathy Phillips:    (Requested by Larry Brown)  This is his daughter in law’s mom and she has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  Pray for her.

* Cody Dell:  (Requested by Larry Brown)  This is his daughter in law’s nephew and he broke his back after being thrown by a bull at a rodeo.  Pray for him.

* Bob Jones Jr. Family:  Requested by James Hamlett)  He is the lead singer for the “Song Fellows Quartet and his son died over the weekend with a massive heart attack.  Pray for the family.

* Clint Ray Russom:  (Requested by Michele Mittag)  This is Pam Russom’s grandbaby born on the 1st of February, three (3) months early.  He weighs just over a pound, but seems to be doing well at this point. Pray for the baby, his mother and the rest of the family that all continues to go well with the baby.

*  Judy Loafman:  (Requested by Alison Loafman Sanders)  She was diagnosed on Monday with (Non-Alcoholic related) Cirrhosis of the liver and will also need to have her gallbladder removed.  They have been referred to a doctor from Washington University and are waiting on a call to set up a date for her to go.  They will not remove the gall bladder until the severity of the Cirrhosis has been determine.  Pray for her, Kevin and the family.

*  Patty York  This is Allen Tesreau’s daughter and she started her chemotherapy treatments yesterday (Monday).  Pray for her.

**  R. J. Riddle:  He had a follow up appointment on Tuesday and his lungs an ears are cleared up.  However, he has another issue that could be auto-immune related that he will need further testing to verify.  It can be quite serious if its what the doctor suggested it could be, so pray for him.

Maxine Vincent:  (Requested by Tonya Loafman Hosentfeld)  She is doing remarkably well in spite of her strokes, though, she has a long ways to go.  She has use of her left side, hand, etc., and can talk some, (generally, more difficult when she thinks about it), though still unable to use her right side as yet.  She takes physical therapy at the Nursing home and making progress.  She is at the Malden Rehabilitation and Nursing Home Center.   Pray for her and her family.