Daily Prayer List

Thursday, June 22, 2017 @ 10:00 a.m.

* means New Prayer Request;   ** means UPDATED Prayer Request

** Michele Mittag:  She had successful surgery this morning (Thursday) to remove her appendix and after a short time of  recovery, she is expected to be released to go home later this afternoon.  Pray for her recovery.

** Rick King:  He had successful knee replacement surgery this morning (Thursday) at the Southeast Hospital in Cape Girardeau.   He is expected to remain in the hospital for the next 2-3 days and then will go home and do rehabilitation as an outpatient locally.  Pray for a successful recovery and rehabilitation .

Dessie Like Family:  Dessie passed away last December in Phoenix, AR and the family is holding a memorial service for her at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Campbell, this Saturday @ 10:00 a.m. 

* Alan Howell’s Family:  Alan’s nephew, David Burr passed with kidney failure.  The funeral service will take place tomorrow (Thursday).  Pray for the family.

Jack Cowgur:  This is Alan Howell’s brother in law and he is struggling in his continued battle with cancer and is presently taking chemotherapy.  Pray for him.

**  Leona Johnson:  (Bryan & Delia’s Sister in law)  She had successful neck surgery Tuesday in Michigan.  Please pray for recovery.

Ashley: (Ed Harris’ daughter, the brother to Randy and Terry’s brother)  She is battling kidney rejection and is on hospice.  As of last night, she was talking to family for a while but then fell asleep and they were not able to rouse her.  Pray for her as things are not looking good.

Tom Dawson:  (Requested by Claudia Vessell)  He had a stroke and was put into the ICU and is not doing well.  Pray for him.

Jerry Pavy:  He is having a lot of problems with his Sciatic Nerve and trouble with his esophagus.  Pray for his recovery. 

Darlene Krepps:  She had successful surgery last week as  they placed a shunt into her liver to create a “bypass” of sorts to divert the fluids in the direction they should normally go.  She is home and doing well.  Continue to pray for her.

Donnie Dell:  (St. Francis Hospital, Cape Girardeau) I received a text before church Wednesday night,  that Donnie was having chest pains and they are concerned that he may be having another heart attack.  They did a heart cath and he had a 100% blockage but it was decided to not do anything at this time and he is better at the moment.  He pastored in our area in several churches and he and Caroline ran an Insurance Agency until retirement.  He had a severe heart attack and was making progress, but yesterday (Tuesday) he aspirated and can’t talk at the moment.  Pray for his recovery.

Amy Green:  She continues to make good progress at the Gideon Nursing Home doing rehabilitation. She’s gaining strength and eating well, and talking great.  She loves the cards, calls and visits as well. Continue to pray for Amy and for her family

Glenda Lewis:  This is Wanda Whitehead’s sister and she has been diagnosed with cancer and has only been given short to live.  She has decided not to do any further radiation or chemotherapy and now has pneumonia.  Pray for her and all of her family.

Karissa Smith:  (Requested by Terry Lembke)  She is the granddaughter of his friend, Bill Smith and she is 24 year’s old.  She found out this week that she has bone cancer.  They are starting treatment.  The family appreciates your prayers.