Daily Prayer List

Thursday, September  22, 2016 @ 9:45 p.m.

** Leona (Lee) DuBois:  This is Delilah Loafman’s mother and she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. They went back on Monday for more tests and to determine what stage level the cancer is.  Results this afternoon (Thursday) revealed that her cancer is in the lower lung and between stages 2-3.  Surgery may be an option depending on her pulmonary test results, which won’t be back until the end of next week.  Pray for her and her family.  Don’t forget to also pray for Delilah as she helps care for her mom. and for those who have been there, you know the added stress it puts on you during times like these.

** R. J. Riddle:  His biopsy results came back and everything was good.  He has a post-op appointment next Tuesday in Arnold, MO to speak with the doctor and see what else they can do in treating the Sjorn’s Disease.  Continue to pray for him.

** Dell Hall: (Maxine Vincent’s Son-in-law) He was able to get a drink of water for the first time today and later this evening is looking forward to having jello!  He is making good progress … Keep on praying for him.

Lucille Nelson: She has lung cancer that has also gone into her bones. She has decided to cease all treatments and deal with pain management. She told me again, how much she really enjoys the cards you send and looks forward to getting them!  If you wish to send her a card, send it in care of Lucille Nelson, P.O. Box 279, Bernie, MO 63822. Keep her and her family in your prayers.

Kenny Loafman:  He has a new date for his next eye appointment to discuss eye surgery (cornea replacement) and it has been moved from November 7 to September 30th.  They have a new procedure that is promising using a plastic cornea versus a live cornea from a person.  Pray for success.