Daily Prayer List

Friday, October 21, 2016 @ 4:40 p.m.

**  Chad Sivert:  This is Margaret Tesreau’s son and he has spent yesterday at the doctor’s office to try and put a bulging disc in his back, that kept popping out of place, back in place.   He is at home with a back brace and lying on a mattress in the floor to rest his back.  They are needing our prayers.  He was taken by ambulance this afternoon to the Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center as the disc went out again and he is in severe pain.

*  Junior Loafman:  He has had a difficult week with what they thought was pneumonia originally, but have determined that he has congestive heart failure.  He is doing better today and is up and eating today.

** Susie Riddle:   She had the catheter removed on Tuesday, but she is having trouble using the bathroom and may have an infection and is trying to get back in to see the doctor.

** Kenny Loafman:  (Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, room 5020)  He was admitted yesterday (Thursday) as test showed he is losing blood.  They gave him blood last night and are prepping him for a colonoscopy later today (Friday) to try and determine where the loss of blood is coming from.

* Jim Jones:  This is Pat Jones’ son and he had back surgery on Wednesday in St. Louis having a couple of rods placed in his back.  He did well and is expected to go home either tomorrow, (Friday) or Saturday.

**  Allen Tesreau:  He was back in Cape Girardeau yesterday (Thursday) for a routine colonoscopy and they found 4 polyps, one that they sent off for further testing.  He is doing well.

* Marcus Norden:  This is Kim Blake’s nephew and he is going to see a heart doctor today (Friday) to see what they can do for him.  He also had an MRI on his knee and it was not good  and they want him to see a bone doctor soon.

*  Eddie Cokley:  This is Amy Green’s nephew and her sister Theeta’s son.  His cancer has returned.

**  Kim Stratman:    She is taking some time off work to rest and get her blood pressure under control.

Jim Peel:  (Requested by Sharon Edgin) He has been diagnosed with cancer and has been placed under hospice care.

Donnette Clark:  (Requested by Harlan Loafman)  She is having some tests ran and concerned bout possible cancer.

** Leona (Lee) DuBois: This is Delilah Loafman’s mother and she has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.   She will start radiation treatments soon.   Continue to pray for her and for Delilah and her family.

Lillian Dock:  She fell out in her yard last week and broke a vertebrae in her back.  She suffered no paralysis.  Pray for her as she recovers.

*  Madaline Brink:  (Requested by Amy Green)  She is a 16 year old girl whose mother is a good friend of Linda, Amy’s daughter.  She has an autoimmune disease that is causing great pain and they tried to change up medications but she is getting worse.  The doctors are suggesting to the family that they take her to the Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA.  The family request your prayer support during this struggle.

Lucille Nelson: She has lung cancer that has also gone into her bones. She has decided to cease all treatments and deal with pain management. She told me again, how much she really enjoys the cards you send and looks forward to getting them!  If you wish to send her a card, send it in care of Lucille Nelson, P.O. Box 279, Bernie, MO 63822. Keep her and her family in your prayers.