Daily Prayer List

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 @ 9:15 p.m.

* means New Prayer Request;   ** means UPDATED Prayer Request

* Jerry Pavy:  (St. Francis Medical Center, Cape)  He was admitted this afternoon after failing health for the last couple of months.  He will have numerous tests (Colonoscopy on Thursday) to try and find out the cause.  Pray for him.

* Nadine Pavy:  She was in the ER earlier this week with a setback in her health.  She has broken out all over her body.  She is back home but weak.  Pray for her.

** Glenda Lewis: This is Wanda Whitehead’s sister and she has been diagnosed with cancer and has only been given short to live. She is not doing well this week and has decided to cease all medication and treatment. Pray for her and all of her family. 

Brian Kersey:  This is Travis and Jayana’s foster son and he will have surgery on his eye muscle on August 22nd.  Pray for him.  

Lannie Blake:  All 6 skin biopsies down a couple of week’s ago on his face came back positive for basal cancer.  They will start treatment on August 23rd and take one each week for 6 weeks until they complete them all.  Pray that they won’t be too deep.  

R. J. Riddle:  He met with his doctor on Monday and she felt that surgery to remove the knot would be the last option.  Instead, she wants to try a couple of other options first to treat the re-occurring infection.  

Sue Berry: (Kim Blake’s Cousin in Florida) She has been in the hospital since June 28 and has had 3 surgeries since but is having a hard time recovering from the 3rd surgery. Pray for her.

**  Pina Loafman:  (Ridgeview Community  Nursing Home Facility, room 123, bed 1)  She has been accepted as a resident of the Ridgeview Nursing Home in Malden to help build her back up. 

Terry Riddle: (R.J.’s brother) He is staying with R.J.; Susie and his many episodes of confusion and weakness.  He has had a rough last couple of days.  They are trying to set him up with a Neurologist in the near future. Pray for him.

Joe Borders’ Family:  He request pray for his granddaughter and her kids as they are going through a very difficult time.  Pray for God’s intervention.

Rick King:  He had successful knee replacement surgery on a few weeks ago but is back home, and is doing outpatient physical therapy and doing well.   Pray for a successful recovery and rehabilitation .

Leona Johnson:  (Bryan & Delia’s Sister in law)  She had successful neck surgery a month ago in Michigan and she is making slow progress.  Please pray for recovery.