Daily Prayer List

Thursday, April 27, 2017 @ 7:20 a.m.

* means New Prayer Request;   ** means UPDATED Prayer Request

We offer our condolences to the family of Margaret Tesreau, whose Uncle, R. L. Evans passed away.   Visitation will be held from 11 a.m. Thursday April 27, at First Baptist church of Risco. Funeral services will follow at 130 p.m. with Bro. Robert Wake Jr. and John Rice officiating.

* Sadie Cluck:  She has been battling an upper respiratory infection since October of last year.  They have treated her for pneumonia, bronchitis and now believe she has asthma and are treating her for that.  If the new meds don’t show more promising results, the doctor is recommending sending her to children’s hospital for further evaluation.  Pray for Sadie and the family.

* Bryce Johnson:  (Joe’s son and Bryan and Delia’s grandson) He was in a car accident on his way back home last night (Wednesday) to Bernie from Dexter.  His car hydro-planed and went off the road, flipping over three times.  He was taken to Dexter Hospital with nothing broken but did get several staples.   Pray for his recovery.   

* Chuck Bellows: (Requested by Terry Lembke)  This is a man Terry is acquainted with and he is going through chemotherapy and is very weak.  Please keep him in your prayers.

** Joyce Kennedy: She was admitted into the Poplar Bluff Hospital over the weekend with low magnesium and chest pains.  They are adjusting her medications which may be the root cause of the low levels. She had some heart tests completed on Monday including a nuclear stress test and returned to the Ridgeview Nursing Home in Malden, MO. doing much better. Pray for her and the family.

** Gayla Romines: (Requested by Barbara Jordan) She had a baby and in delivery, her uterus exploded. The baby has been flown to St. Louis and mom is being treated locally.  Both mom and baby are home and doing well.  Pray for the both.

** Larry Brown: He had surgery last week in Poplar Bluff where they removed the pins from his finger and he is back home. He went back to the doctor for follow up last Monday and expects to start therapy soon. Pray for him.

** Megan (Taffy Davis’s daughter): (Requested by Bonita Faulkner) She is pregnant and is starting to have troubles with the birth. She lost a baby last year at birth. Pray for her as she struggles with this pregnancy as well.

** Caroline Beckham: She has several nodules on the side of her neck and throat (sizes of nickels and dimes) and it has been determined that the thyroid is NOT “hot” and so pray for her and the family. She had some Nuclear Tests ran and will get the results back after she sees her doctor for follow up. Pray for her.

** Leona Johnson: She is going back to the Neurologist due to severe neck pain. She had surgery a few years ago to fuse the vertebras in her neck and she may have re-injured them. She had neck surgery last week to repair the damage and is recuperating. Pray for her.

Lee Dubois Family:  Condolences.

David Toalson:  (Requested by Claudia Vessell)  This is Tom Mill’s brother in law  and the diagnosis does not look good.  He is having surgery in Kansas City on Friday.  Pray for success.

Linda Duke:  (Requested by Linda Bates)  Family issues.

Gil Jones:  (Requested by Lannie Blake)  He needs a kidney transplant.  Pray for a quick find.

Billie Masterson:  (Requested by Terry Lembke)  She just found out last week that she has cancer and that they have given her only 3 weeks to live.  She is in her 80’s.  Pray for her and her husband.

Alva Clayton:  This is Stan’s dad and he is battling cancer and getting over pneumonia and doing better. He has been released and transferred to the Ridgeview Nursing Home in Malden for some physical therapy and oversight.  Pray for him.

Nadine Trobough:  This is Betty Jo Green’s sister and has been weak and not dong well.  Pray for her comfort.

Judy Smith:  (requested by Terry Lembke)  She lives in TN and has had what is believed to be a mini stroke and continues to have weird feelings on her left side.  Pray for her recovery and for a quicker appointment with a Neurologist which has told her the soonest she can get in is in October.