Daily Prayer List

Thursday, September 3, 2015 @ 7:40 p.m.

               * means this is a new addition; ** means this is an update

*  We offer our condolences to the family of Helen Owens as her mother, Bertha Mayberry, passed away this afternoon @ 3:15 p.m. at the Golden Living Nursing Home in Malden.  There will be a family graveside service in Cape Girardeau, MO on Saturday @ 2:00 p.m. 

* Jack Cowgur:  (Requested by Alan Howell)  This is his brother in law whose been in stage 4 cancer, but (praise the Lord) as of the last exam, he has been declared cancer free.  Verification will be done with further testing.  Pray that returns with the same conclusion.

* Paul Kennedy:  He is having a stress test done tomorrow (Thursday).  He had some previous testing done and he has a very weak heart.  Pray for him.

* Shirley Holtzhouser:  (Lynn Vincent’s Sister)  She went to the doctor in Cape this past Monday and the doctor in Cape felt that the best, first treatment is to put on a cast and let it try to heal naturally and hopefully it will heal as it should without requiring a major surgery.  The bone is broken bad but seems to be lined up properly and so now she just has to wait to see how things go. Pray for her.

** Amy Green:  She continues to do well after taking the “radiation” pill to attack the goiter on her thyroid and to address the hyper thyroidism.  She continues to feel very weak all over, which is a side affect, but hoping for the best.  She will return to the doctor next Friday for follow up to see if the pill has done what they had hoped for.  Pray that it will successfully take care of her hyperthyroidism.

* Brenda Brown:  (Requested by Harlan Loafman)  She has been hospitalized with Blood Pressure problems.   Pray for her.

* Forrest Bush:  (Requested by Harlan Loafman)  He was in a serious car accident leaving him with a broken neck, leg and foot.  Pray for his recovery.

Doris Hoggard:  She went to her Cardiologist on Monday for evaluation.  I have no update as yet.  Pray for her.

Stan Clayton & Rhonda Lawhon:   He had a CT Mylogram done this morning in St. Louis and Rhonda had an MRI (follow up on surgery) as well.  They should know the results in a few days.  Stan is scheduled to have surgery on October 9th for an Anterior Cervical Disc Replacement.  Remember them in your prayers.

Joe Borders:  He had arthroscopic knee surgery Wednesday morning on his right knee to repair a torn meniscus at the Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center.  It went well and he was sent home about 1:15 p.m.  He was told that both knees are shot as is his right hip.  He said that he is still very sore but a little better and will return for follow up with the surgeon on September 10th.  He will start PT as soon as arrangements can be made. 

Loretta Carson:  (Amy Green’s Daughter-in-law)  She had successful shoulder surgery Monday morning to repair a torn Rotor Cuff which was 85% torn.  All went well and she is in a sling and has to keep her arm immobile for at least 4 weeks until it has time to heal.  Pray for her to not have too much pain and for a successful recovery.

Jordan O’Malley:  (Mary Waller’s Daughter-in-law’s cousin)  She is young lady, age 19 years old who has already had to battle a brain tumor in the back of her brain and was declared cancer free as of June of this year.  However, she just received news yesterday (Thursday, Aug 27), that she has another aggressive tumor, at stage 3, on the frontal lobe of her brain.  The family would appreciate your prayers on her behalf.

Glendel Grindstaff:  He is at home under hospice care.  The good news is that they were able to go to church at Sunnyvale the last two weeks.  Praise the Lord.  Continue to pray for him and Shelva.