Daily Prayer List

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 @ 11:00 p.m.

              * means this is a new addition; ** means this is an update

*  Tres Johnson:  He is being dismissed from the hospital this morning.  They kept him overnight expecting to do surgery to re-set the leg, but instead decided to just put on a cast and send him home.  They spent the night in St. Louis unnecessarily and are tired and cranky this morning but glad to be heading home soon.

Tres in Children's Hospital_May_5_2015

*  Madison Mittag:  She had a minor accident on a four-wheeler this afternoon and was taken to the ER with a sprained wrist and cuts on both elbows, knees and palms.  She is back home and doing okay.

*  Sophia Vessell:  (Requested by Claudia Vessell)  Sophia is one of the twins (Evan and Sarah’s daughter) and she has had a bad ear infection over the past week and found out Saturday night that she has Bell’s Palsy as well.  She is improving but the antibiotics are doing the job as well as expected.  Sarah is going to talk to the doctor and perhaps get some better and/or stronger antibiotics.  Pray for her recovery.

*  R. J. Riddle:  He is having a difficult time breathing probably due to the lupus attacking his lungs.  He has increased his steroids and it has helped but he can’t maintain that level of dosage for long.  Pray for healing.

*  Danny Walker:  He is Kathy Walker’s oldest son and he suffered a heart attack last week and ended up having 2 stents put into his heart.  Pray for him and the family.

*  Paige Doser:  We honored her on Sunday along with Jeremy White as they are graduating from High School this month.  She just returned from Florida from the Senior High School Trip and has been sick since.  She has very little voice and infection and is taking antibiotics to combat it.

*  Geneva Vieth:  (Requested by Louise Huffman Knight)  This is her Aunt and she just got out of the hospital and is recuperating.  Pray for her.

**  Jerry Owens:  He got his test results back this past week and testified in church Sunday morning that the doctors said that he is cancer free.  Praise the Lord.

**  Dana Gough:  (Brandon Gough’s Mom)  She had a second lumpectomy a week ago Friday, and was able to get back to work this week and was grateful.  She will follow up with radiation and tamoxifen.

**  Alan Edmunds:  (Amy Green’s Nephew)  He had successful surgery last Wednesday (April 29) at the St. Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau, MO to have a “Pig Valve” Replacement done.  Everything went well and he came back home on Monday to recuperate.  Pray for continued success and for his family.

Team Sweet Corn Fund Raiser in honor of Sister Cindy Green

It is that time of year again that we join together to help raise funds for Cancer Research.  If you would like to buy a T-shirt  in honor of Sister Cindy Green, (Team Sweet Corn) Sister Michele Mittag is taking monies to order the new T-shirts for 2015.  She has to turn in the order by May 6th, so call her and speak to her right away.  Thanks for your support.  The cost is $15.00 / shirt.