Daily Prayer List

Monday,  August 29, 2016 @ 11:00 a.m.

** Tiffany Gough:  Her test results came back today and all is good.  They are setting her up with a urologist to see about the kidney stones and then She has an ultrasound scheduled for September 12th to check out the cyst.    Pray for her.

* Alva “Ace” Clayton:  This is Stan’s dad and they have transferred him from Dexter to the Southeast Hospital in Cape Girardeau.  He has lung cancer.

** Katrina Hodges:  (Poplar Bluff Rehab Center, (Old Lucy Lee Hospital, Room 3025W)  She fell on Sunday at home and was taken to the hospital in Poplar Bluff where she has been admitted with a broken hip.  They did “hip replacement” surgery on Monday and all went well.  She was transferred to the rehab center for a maximum of two (2) weeks for physical therapy and is doing well.  Pray for her.

** R. J. Riddle:  He is going back this morning (Friday) for a needle biopsy on his Thyroid and an ultrasound @ 10:30 a.m. in Arnold, MO.  Then, on September 15th, he is to return and they will do a biopsy on a knot that’s been on his jaw and they will have to put him to sleep for that.  Pray for him.

** Lucille Nelson:  She did get her tests results back today as she met with her Oncologist and it was not good.  The cancer has gone too far and there is not much they can do for her, except to try and keep her comfortable.  They are considering doing some radiation to see if that will help relieve some of her pain, but nothing more.  She was upbeat still and grateful to God for having had a long life, a good family, a good medical team and a good Christian family and church to lean upon.  She  will meet with a radiologist for a couple of radiation treatments to help ease the pain in her bones.    She really enjoys the cards you send and If you wish to send her a card, send it in care of Lucille Nelson, P.O. Box 279, Bernie, MO 63822.  Keep her and her family in your prayers.

**  Elsie Waters:  (This is Patty Border’s Mother)  This is Patti’s mom and after having a scope done last Wednesday, it revealed that her stomach muscles are worn out. Pray for you.

*  Alan Dotson:  (Patsy Henry’s Nephew)  He is recovering from cancer surgery and they are probably going to have radiation to treat it.  However, the tests also showed he has a low scale cancer in his bones but it is not expected to be a cause of concern.  However, he and the family would appreciate your continued prayers.

**  Dell Hall:  (Maxine Vincent’s Son-in-law)  He has cancer of the mouth, and in his tongue and is not sure if it has advanced any further.   He will be going to the Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO for surgery on September 12th  and than follow up in Joplin, MO as it is closer to his home in Kansas.  The latest update is the cancer is in his tongue, in his throat and in the Lymph nodes.  Pray for him.